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MARVEL’s Thanos: Rising #1-5 (Book Reviews #2)

MARVEL’s Thanos: Rising #001″

Those of you who know or may not know, that I am a HUGE fan of Marvel Comics, as well for …well, we can’t discuss that yet. Maybe later. However, I wanted to start reading comics again, or anything I could get my hands on from the local libraries around where I live, there’s only two places I could go, well, three now that I mention it. To start off, since the Guardians of the Galaxy movie came out. I enjoyed it, but because there were parts in the film that could’ve been extremely dialed down a little tiny bit, but overall. It was a good film. Especially, anything with Rocket and Root was hilarious, but this is not why you’re here reading this. My review will be about reading Thanos: Rising #001. I started reading it and realised this was such a page turner. The world that once was Utopia as Thanos left his world Titan in ruins as he thought his closest companion was Death, herself. He doesn’t gloat about, he tried many conquests,  On the largest moon of Saturn, Thanos, son of Titan as his late-mother Sui-San once said, he was born perfect and strong, he was the child that refused to die. Her darling, Thanos. But somehow, knowing what I was reading wasn’t what I had expected, seeing Thanos in the Galaxy film had me skeptical at first, but it explained so much about the character in the end of the movie, how he just abandoned Ronan, whatnot. You know what I mean. Josh Brolin, portrays Thanos perfectly, I loved how in the movie, they made Thanos look exactly like Brolin, and I knew I was impressed with how it turned out. It scared me… half to death but let’s continue. Later on, I realise Sui-San never wanted Thanos, she tried to kill him, sliced to bits because his eyes looked like death itself, it was heartbreaking. She called her son a monster. Thanos grew up been the smartest kid in school, the son of Mentor. His brother Eros, was the one who actually liked being around people as Thanos would just draw in his book during play time with the kids. For a science project, he wanted to show the other children why he was different from the rest of them, because he wanted to know more about himself, why he was… so different. I think him been ignored by his father was bad enough, no one would suspect Thanos of murder, altho everyone did and his father, A’Lars refused to believe Thanos was a Murderer. Thanos kept having this recurring dream that when he was a newborn, only few months old, a woman tried to stab and kill him with a knife. Not realizing while visiting his mother, who he wanted to come home, he was having this dream for the past four years and she looked all cut up about it too. Oddly enough, he wants Cythera to be his girlfriend, he meets another girl, who I’ve forgotten her name and it’s not even 10am. When Thanos and those children went to those caves and he fell through, when he came back up after three days gone missing, he found out they had all died except for him. Everyone thought he had murdered them all, the monster that was inside him finding its purpose in life, but they were only 50/50 wrong and right. But he did, he took that knife, similar to that dream had when he was all grown up and he did!!! Thanos killed his friends.

MARVEL’s Thanos: Rising #002″

Many Years Ago, in the Eternals on Titan. Thanos was explaining what it was to dissect a lizard that lived in those caves where those children died many years before when he was a child, he explains well enough to his professor that even I don’t understand. I still don’t think I do, all I heard was it died off as one of the lucky ones as so he put it. It took meaning to me knowing, I never really liked Science, it was always a mystery to me and that I had struggled the most with this subject even when I was in high school. I was never really good at math, either. However, overlooking what I was reading here, so many big words that I still need to comprehend finding a conclusion of what was been written or in lame-English terms, what is the explanation of an explanation to explain what has been said in this two page, 8 panel comic strip. Makes sense, but I am still unclear of who this girl is, who has the IQ of the same level as Thanos, that she’s always finding ways to keep herself busy because whenever she sees Thanos, she’s never bored anymore, her boredom fades away into the night like a rose petal falling down on a thousand more thorns in case, you were all wondering what the heck I am on about… well, I don’t even know. Where was I? Uh, yes! Let’s continue, shall we? Thanos leaning towards an outcome of the huge jump in between his experiments from green tails to ice rats, to now hoping his next one with a Cave Ape will suffice a much better outcome than the last ones that have failed him miserably. A moment of weakness in those caves when he was a boy, and the most greatest shame he held on for many years. He is no mindless savage, he is a scientist, his hunger is not for blood, but for knowledge. His conquests for knowledge can be sometimes a little messy, even for him to handle. For at least, 5 years he accomplished so much. Why is he different? What is his destiny? What in creation are the answers to his questions, not answered? He doesn’t like to spill blood, but he may have no choice but to. The answers he heard in those screams, in the end, he’s only left with a butchered Ape. No more answers when he started, and I was starting to think, what the heck was going on? She tells him that he’s looking in the wrong place. So when he makes his move, she’s afraid this would not be what he was seeking. He’s tired of been defied at every turn, searching for those answers to be found and no luck. His parents failed him, his school and his science and now, where is there to look left, right and center? The frustration of him, is putting it all on me and now I’m confused. Where was I? Then he kidnaps Sogarth and Loktus, tortures and then later kills them. No crime of passion, executions or acts of war. He once again got away with murder, the concept of murder never existed until Thanos invented it on Titan. His father, A’lars argues with his father, Kronos about the murders on Titan, one would think it was simple enough to find out who it was. I found it interesting to know that it was Thanos who had done it, and not even his parents or his grandfather had any recollection of the one fact in their minds, Thanos was the one responsible for abducting the children and then killing them when he was through with them, like blood could ever be spilled like that. Sui-San was home for dinner and Eros was being an idiot as A’lars and Kronos parted ways, she looked at Thanos and knew, what he was. Thanos was through with his discovery, the more he learned, the more he realised that some questions are better left unanswered. He vowed that he would never kill again. But two weeks later, this mysterious girl proved him wrong, he enjoyed it all. He wanted to run away with her, but in the end, she smacked him across his face, told him, Love is not the lost or for the weak as love is not for children or for cowards. She doesn’t want him to love her, she just wants him to bury the rest. Later, he tells someone that he killed 17 people, children mostly, girls and boys, as some of his professors as well. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. The gruesome, WOW! Just, WOW!  All he ever wanted was someone to love and return the favor of loving him back. He told all of this to his mother, Sui-San, he said he was sorry but he had to know why he was, the way he was. He had to cut it out of her and then he would have all the answers he needed to know who he was, so he wouldn’t have to kill anyone else and not be a monster anymore.

MARVEL’s Thanos: Rising #003″

Thanos sometimes thought that he remembered the day he was born, how horrified Sui-San was when she saw Thanos, his eyes dark like death and his skin, worse than any other child on Titan. He wasn’t like the others, she told A’lars to kill the boy, but she was sedated before anything else mattered. She picked up that scalpel and tried to murder him, he was sorry, they couldn’t let her do it. Many, many months later, Thanos had a wife and a son, when Sui-San died he left Titan and no one ever saw Thanos again. He took a menial job, on a pirate ship called Horkos bound for the planet’s unknown. He saw things he never thought existed, encountered aliens he never imagined. Soon enough, he watched them all die. He grew weary of becoming a pirate as he did for the same moment of becoming a father, when his son was born, he didn’t want his son to be like him. He didn’t believe he would love again, like he did once before, to feel anything, to feel love for someone as he did. No matter the planet, no matter with what alien race he chose to mate with, the offspring of Thanos were born healthy and strong. They all looked like their mothers, but NONE would never remember their father. He didn’t for a care in all the worlds, Thanos had lost count of how many women he loved, how many children he had left behind, he knew that it wasn’t enough. The more pirates he met, the more times he had pitted them. He tried to forget his mother, his home-world, Thanos tried to not think of her at all, he really and truly tried. Wherever his mind goes, you would not wish to follow. Once and for all to see what he is now. Thanos fighting the Captain was one thing, but the other to meet him halfway, as he closed his eyes. Remembering why he had suffered so much, why he killed so many and abandoned all the others in his life behind. Thinking as Thanos killed the Captain, the boy, his son, he does look familiar. I just can’t put my finger on it. But then he went back to Titan to see his mother and then he saw her. He killed for her, he killed his wife and his son, in her name. WOW!

MARVEL’s Thanos: Rising #004″

After all these years, this one really got to me. Thanos barely remembers how many people he killed, just to please her, to be the only man in her life.. the only woman who would bore him his child. He stopped keeping count the moment he strangled the last of his children. No one would believe him if he told those why he killed so many people on those planets, he did it out of his love for her… not only did she finally make him suffer, but she enjoyed the screaming. Okay, we’re getting off topic. Back on Titan, A’Lars still struggles to accept that Thanos, his son killed his wife, Sui-San, mother of Thanos. Kronos tries to make him see sense and go after his butcher of a son and deal with his punishment. A’Lars can’t hurt Thanos, he is his son. Kronos doesn’t want what’s left of Titan, the Eternals to die once more because of his grandson killing them all. Yet, A’Lars still refuses to believe Thanos is a murderer, he asked Kronos, his father to leave, he left by saying for A’Lars to make his own grave, because when Thanos does come home, he will bury his father inside it. He’s been arguing with the same face, the same girl since he was a boy, yet no one else can see her, but him, his men can not and I didn’t realise until now. The only thing he ever loved, was DEATH! herself. The only being in all creation that could love him back. He shot her the face with his arm of fire, his torch. One step, was all it took. Thanos of Titan hadn’t hesitated when he killed all of his children and every woman he had loved. He had shown no pause when putting many worlds to the torch, or when eviscerating his own mother. But finally, he had found someone he could not kill… HIMSELF! He was foolish, as she knew suicide is never the answer, Death had said, only murder was. Death made him a monster, he had it all a long, the most wonderful thing Death had seen in centuries. Death would love Thanos as long as whoever had to die. He set a course for Titan, he was going to blow up his home world… once and for all.

MARVEL’s Thanos: Rising #005″

For my final review and I’ll try and make this one quick. From reading this one, it had me thinking as Thanos had the order to fire at will by eradicating his home world to nothingness. But those who lived for even an instant knew right away… Thanos had not come to broker surrender. Not to conquer or pillage or enslave, because Thanos had returned his home on Titan to kill. Thousands had perished in the first wave, those who survived, had suddenly died without needing to be told that they were going to be murdered. Thanos, son of Titan, son of A’Lars, the Mentor, as the prodigal son had come home to kill his people. A’Lars had finally seen what his son had become, a true monster, he was. Death had controlled him for so long, it wasn’t funny anymore, not that any of this is, it isn’t. He sent his men back to their quarters, Titan was his world to kill off one by one to destroy what was left of it. Those who dared to turn their backs on him, they should have bowed down to him when they had the chance, as Thanos was the heir to Titan. It did not have a Hell, it had a God, and it was Thanos. Many, many, many murders later. Death congratulates her love, his ambition to allow himself to be the monster she had made him become, to be reborn in fire and genocide.  He had one last life to take, and that was A’Lars. He was such a fool to realise his own son was The Murderer everyone told him he was. The Monster of Monsters. For many lives Thanos took, for many more he will take afterwards. A’Lars knew it was time, but he couldn’t kill his son, he wasn’t Thanos, and he agreed, so Thanos took it upon himself to end his own madness. A’Lars watched as Thanos had finally lost his way, mumbling and screaming to himself like he couldn’t see Death was at his feet. He wanted to wed her, but A’Lars says, Death is not there! All he sees is his son arguing with his father, no one can defeat his science, for five thousand years, he explored so many planets. He tried to tell Thanos, Death isn’t real, there is no woman, but he will not be denied love by Death. Even if she was his imaginary friend since he was a boy. Thanos would make his father, Mentor of Titan watch, torture him in front of Death. A’Lars soon, prayed to his father, Kronos to kill Thanos. Thanos had always been alone. But she convinced him of love, they shared a kiss and from then on, they both left Titan. Thanos knowing one thing, her kiss was cold, so very cold. He wondered? What next? — TITAN in Present Day. Thanos still comes to visit his home world, what’s left of it, the ruins he made with Death so many years ago. He would visit Sui-San’s grave every time, because Thanos, the Destroyer had come home to Titan, to remember who he once was.  A boy who once loved, and that everything he had done since every world he had conquered, every dark miracle he had conjured, every life he had taken… he had done so. Alone! This made alot of sense because in the end, Thanos finally ignored Death altogether. YAY!

Here ends, my review.


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